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Wondering how users are using your site August 23, 2006

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Site monitoring and statictics is one of the common needs of companies these days. If you have ever owned a part of the World Web Web, I am sure you would have though about how good it would be get gain some insight into how users use your site, your blogg, your journal, and so on. What things interests them the most? Where do they like to click? How do they navigate through the site? What functions provided by the site do they use the most? Such and such.

The Answer

In order to gain the demand of the ever growing web users, many companies have now set up sites,giving user the options to view in great detail on the site traffic, how many people clicked a certain link, was the user redirected to the site from a search engine, where in the world is the user located in, and a variety of advanced functions like setting up a ‘funnel’ to see how many users is navigating the site as you would like them to.

One of my favourite free site tracker is [analytics.google.com]. An other one is [http://www.crazyegg.com].

Legal Sidenotes

While site trackers meets the needs of web site creators, it is a different story for the web users. Note everyone likes the feeling of having everything they do on a site tracked, and this raises a concern to privacy. However due to my limited knowledge, I am not able to go into detail on this as of current, so if you would like to add some comments in regards to this topic, it would be more than welcome.

Technical Aspect

Most site trackers work with the user having to add some code to their web pages to enable user traffic information be send to the tracker as web users navigate through the site.

One major draw back with this is the time it takes to load a page. The site, now burded not only with sending the user contents of the page, but it has to also fulfill the needs of the site tracker, causer longer page loading delays.

What are your views about site trackers? Do you use site trackers? How do site trackers affect the world today? Know any good site you would like to share? Have your say by commenting to this post below.


Hello world! August 5, 2006

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How irronic, I am thinking of ‘time’ and I have ‘time’ in my blog page title, and here I am wasting it….. *sigh*…. I better stop now, nothing is too late unless if the person thinks it is. (by believing you have lost even before the battle has began ascertains one’s loss.)

I’ll try to put good quotes up every so often. 🙂