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First day on the job October 10, 2006

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Yesterday, I just started my new job.

Following a breif introduction, all the new staff were ushered into the meeting room for a offical introduction of the business. The meeting lasted for 1.5 hours, and one of the things that rose my interest the most is: company staff actually have meetings with the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) one to two times a year to get an overview of the legal aspects of being an employee, what things we can say, and what things we can’t.

For someone who grow up working in small companies, this seems to be really fascinating.

For some of you, ACCC is where you go when you are unsatisfied with the product/service you received from a particular business. But not only does the ACCC deal with Consumer Rights, if also deals with Business Rights & Obligations, Industry Regulation and Price Monitoring and Mergers & authorising anti-competitive conduct

Not only does the site provide regulations, it is also a helpful place for tips and information on a whole range of areas related to Business Competition and Consumers, included are: ‘Petrol Price Cycles‘ through out Australia (no more guesses about when’s the cheapest time to buy petrol), GST-inclusive pricing (how it all works, and what’s unlawful), Search engines (what are meant to do and how they work).

Look around, and you might find something that you were seeking the answer to since years ago. The site is even available in simplified chinese! 🙂