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Termite Elimination November 2, 2009

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Termites is one of the biggest causes of house damages in Australia.

Recently I was recently looking at different ways to eliminate termites.

I came across several sites that I would like to share:


Offers Do It Yourself, termite baits which you can buy and install. The only restriction is that they don’t sell any termiticide to public, because “the current label for all suitable termiticide restricts their availability to licenced pest managers only”, ” it is a specialised product for which our professional pest manager has undergone special training.”

Then I looked at how to acquire a licence:


It looks rather complicated if I was just going to do it for one termite nest.  There are also courses:

http://www.pestcontrol.org.au/pest-control-certificate-course.html (APCA Pest Control Certificate)

https://www.tafensw.edu.au/howex/servlet/Course?Command=GetCourse&CourseNo=1377 (NSW Urban Pest Control (Licensing))


The APCA Pest Control Certificate take 6 weeks and costs $3000. Further more getting a licence looks time consuming, so I’ll skip that idea for now.


For now I’m thinking

1) to get “Termite Baits” and “Intrigue Dust” from “Green Termite Bait System”, install the bait and apply the dust, then look at the effects. Or

2) look at the prices for Pest Control, and get them to do it.