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Gift Card Expiry – Pain in the back April 17, 2013

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One of my friend recently had a $50 gift card that expired. I was surprised when he told me the supplier flat out refused a refund or extension to the card. I mean, this is no small amount. So I decided to do some research in my spare time.

Apparently, unlike the US (How to Avoid Wasting Another Gift Card – Lifehacker) where they require a minimum life span of 5 years and some no expiry, gift card laws are pretty crap in Australia and has no such min life scan:

Expiry date on gift vouchers could be banned under new laws

Calls for crackdown on gift card rules

Using gift cards before they expire

Choice – Gift Card Traps



Consumers loss an estimated $400m for unused gift cards each year and there’s nothing legally they can do about it.

The best bet, as a lot of forums has mentioned, is to politely call the company that issued the card and see if they can help. If not, then we are pretty much screwed…